Donald Trump wants to have a free hand on Iran. The American president on Wednesday May 6 vetoed a resolution adopted by the Congress aimed at limiting his field of military action against Iran.

"It was an insulting resolution put forward by the Democrats as part of their strategy to win the November 3 election by dividing the Republican party," said Donald Trump in a statement.

Camouflet for the tenant of the White House, the text had been approved by the two chambers of the Congress thanks to the support of a part of the members of the republican party.

"A hostile world"

According to this resolution, the President of the United States cannot engage his soldiers in "hostilities against the Islamic Republic of Iran" or "any part of his government or his army" without "explicit authorization" from Congress, under the form of a declaration of war or a specific green light.

It was a parliamentary response to tensions between the two enemy countries, which had peaked when Washington killed on January 3, in a strike ordered by Donald Trump, the powerful Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

For Donald Trump, this resolution would have "greatly damaged the president's ability to protect" the United States and its allies. "We live in a hostile world where threats are constantly evolving and the Constitution recognizes that the president must be able to anticipate the actions of our adversaries and act quickly and decisively to respond to them," he wrote. "This is what I did!", He concluded.

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