US GE to reduce 25% of staff due to Boeing's production cuts New Corona May 5 11:23

GE = General Electric, a major American manufacturer, has decided to reduce its workforce by 25%, one in four employees. Demand has fallen sharply due to the spread of virus infections, and due to factors such as the fact that aircraft major Boeing decided to reduce the production of its main passenger aircraft, the serious impact is spreading to the broad-based aircraft industry.

According to the announcement, GE will cut 25% of its global workforce in the aircraft engine manufacturing sector, reaching 13,000 according to American media.

This is due to the significant decline in aviation demand, such as the aircraft giant Boeing, which is in business deterioration, decided to reduce production of its main passenger aircraft last week.

GE is a leading manufacturer of aircraft engines and turbines for electric power generation, and although slumping performance continued, the spread of the new coronavirus forced us to make even more difficult restructuring.

Boeing, as the prospect financing in the issue of large-scale corporate bonds stood, but decided to temporarily forgo the support that has been required of the government, "trading companies when it requested assistance in March this year Has 17,000 companies and 2.5 million related jobs ", which has a serious impact on the broad-based aircraft industry.