China News Service, May 5 (Xinhuanet) According to a report by the Russian Satellite Network on the 5th, Russia ’s new crown epidemic prevention and control headquarters said that in the past day and night, 10102 new cases were diagnosed in Russia, with a total of 155370 infections. In addition, the Russian Prime Minister ’s press secretary said that the overall condition of Russian Prime Minister Mishustin who had been diagnosed with the new crown virus was normal.

  On April 30, Mishustin revealed that he had been infected with the new coronavirus. On May 3, Russian government spokesman Belyakov released news that Mishustin felt normal and handled business as usual.

  According to the official website of the Russian Consumer Rights Protection and Public Welfare Supervision Bureau, as of May 4th, Russia has conducted more than 4.4 million new coronavirus tests, and there are currently 222,000 suspected cases under medical observation.