Participants (citizens and residents) in a poll conducted by the Emirates Today newspaper, through its accounts on social networking sites "Twitter", "Instagram" and "Facebook", praised the precautionary measures taken by the government of the Emirates to reduce the spread of the new Corona virus, with The measures and the speed of the state's response to this pandemic, at all levels, stressing that they feel safe for their presence on the territory of the Emirates, which has become a role model in crisis management.

Since the diagnosis of the first case in January 29, the country has taken many precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

In addition to these procedures, I made great efforts in employing applications of artificial intelligence and smart solutions to confront the virus, and also relied on the launch of many campaigns and initiatives that contributed, and still are, in limiting the spread of the disease, including the vehicle inspection service that ensures rapid detection and diagnosis, and the launch of a campaign Wataniya to support mental health during the "Covid-19" crisis, and the virtual doctor, an Emirati initiative inspired by the "Corona" crisis, and many other government measures and initiatives.

These accelerated procedures received great interaction and support from citizens and residents on the state’s land, who praised the work of the government system, its procedures and decisions in the face of the Corona virus, which led them to adhere to it, believing that it is first and foremost in their interest, and in the interest of the state for their health and life.

Participants in the poll confirmed that the UAE has taken a model of its own in the “Corona” crisis, and that what the UAE government has done far exceeds what many major countries have done, thus becoming a role model for crisis management.

While participants said that the UAE is a country that does not need anyone to talk about, noting that it has proven through the strict plans, procedures and decisions taken in light of the spread of the Corona virus, that it is ranked first in the world.

And followers of «Emirates Today» praised the quality of the health system in the Emirates, which responded to the crisis without disturbance and without facing a shortage, whether in the medical equipment and equipment or in the human cadres.

They also expressed their appreciation to the medical staff in the country, which from the first day demonstrated a serious and rapid endeavor to find a cure for the virus, which was finally successful after the Ministry of Economy granted a patent for innovative and promising stem cell infections (Covid-19), which reflects the concerted efforts and commitment The government of the Emirates to end the epidemic.

In this context, followers have not forgotten to express their admiration for the initiatives that provide health care services, such as the "virtual doctor" service, which was launched by the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, and provided remotely, which aims to assess the possible cases of HIV infection.

And the development of the mobile drug service "My Drug" that delivers medicines to homes to spare chronic disease holders and the elderly to go to hospitals, and at the same time relieve pressure on medical facilities and other innovations.

Readers of "Emirates Today" expressed their appreciation for the state's consideration of the mental health of the population, by following the gradual approach in the procedures for limiting the movement of people, applying the measures of "social divergence" and launching the "Stay at Home" campaign.

Participants in the opinion poll confirmed that the measures taken by the UAE gave them a feeling of safety and reassurance, especially in light of the great wave of fear sweeping the whole world due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, and thanked the state for the strict decisions it takes and for its integrated strategy to fortify society in the face of this epidemic.

They explained that these measures have strengthened their human standing in society, as it stems from fear for the health of individuals, citizens and residents, and is in their interest.

Readers also expressed their admiration for the government’s use of artificial intelligence to limit the spread of “Covid-19”, and provided examples of this, including the use of artificial intelligence to regulate the movement of people in the Emirate of Dubai during the hours of the ban and restriction of exit, and the network of cameras across the emirate and its streets to identify the face, sound and plate Vehicle licensing. He also mentioned readers of the "smart helmet" as an example, which can measure the temperature of hundreds of people every minute, and is used as an alternative to traditional thermometers.

They thanked the UAE for its humanitarian effort to alleviate the suffering of people in some countries in the face of the Corona virus, by sending humanitarian aid and extending a helping hand to all, as readers found in these measures a continuation of the approach of the founder of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, ok May God rest his soul.

Wise actions and thoughtful steps

Many readers located outside the UAE participated in the poll, praising the measures that they described as "wise", and the careful and thoughtful steps of the Emirates government, noting that this indicates something, it indicates a government that takes care of its children and residents on its soil, calling on governments The other is to take the UAE as a model in fighting the virus.

The Emirates is a role model in crisis management, especially the "Corona" crisis.

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