China News Urumqi, May 2 (Jiang Yawen Abuliz) On May 1, the "Hetian taste · live broadcast to help agriculture" activity was officially launched in the Hetian walnut market in Hetian, Xinjiang. The event lasts for one month, and will promote online production and sales matching through various methods such as "live streaming with goods", thereby driving consumer poverty alleviation.

  On the day of the event, more than 40 special agricultural products from seven counties and one city in Hotan area were presented to netizens across the country in the form of "Internet big V + county and mayor live broadcast + grassroots video". Yang Zhi, deputy secretary of the Hetian County Party Committee, said: "This is my first live broadcast with 5,000 pieces of walnut milk sold out soon. We will focus on the" online + offline "sales model in the future Waiting for the agricultural products to be promoted to help overcome poverty. "

  It is reported that during the 6-hour live broadcast that day, the number of viewers exceeded 30 million, with total sales of 10.2 million yuan and orders of nearly 330,000 orders. Wen Haitao, general manager of Hotai Guotai Minfu Ecological Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters: "Live broadcasts can provide consumers across the country with an intuitive understanding of product characteristics at the fastest speed. The profits created are eventually returned to the poverty alleviation factories and poor households. To allow them to gain. "

  Arziguli Gumanyaz, a farmer in Bagqi Town, Hotan County, said: "My family owns 3 acres of walnuts, and the annual income it can bring is 7,000 yuan. I think selling walnuts online is convenient and convenient. Sell ​​a good price. I plan to learn about the Internet, and I will also sell walnuts online. "

  Hedan District Commercial Bureau Deputy Secretary and Director Mardan Maimat said: "Hetian District will use this activity as a starting point and continue to carry out various e-commerce assistance, brand promotion, e-commerce tourism and other activities in the later period, and strive to use In about three years, Hotan will become a regional e-commerce industry development base and an influential online trading center for featured products. "

  According to the Hetian District Administration, the local government will integrate the resources of all parties, seize the online live dividend, and use the "online + offline" production and marketing matching method to expand the sales of Hetian's unsalable agricultural products and work hard on the basis of the domestic demand of the leading agricultural industry To achieve "blood-making" poverty alleviation, form a sustainable increase in income, and continuously consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation. (Finish)