The legal advisor, Dr. Youssef Al-Sharif, affirmed that players ’contracts are subject to the provisions of the labor contract, and clubs have no right to reduce players’ salaries, except in agreement with them, provided that this provides the minimum income for players without prejudice to clubs according to recent FIFA recommendations.

The legal advisor, Dr. Youssef Al-Sharif, presented in the ninth episode of the “In Our Lives A Story” program that he presents through the platforms of “Emirates Today”, a story of a famous football player, borrowed from a bank to buy two luxury cars, with a value of two million dirhams, for him and his wife, at a price of 35 thousand dirhams per month However, he stumbled later after the league was suspended due to "Corona" and not winning rewards.

He says: «I am a football player in a famous club of professional clubs, and my contract extends with the club until the end of the next season 2021, and my salary is excellent, and during the past periods I have received winning rewards like the rest of my colleagues in addition to salary, and other financial support tools we can get In exchange for sponsorship, publicity and other things, and based on my position on this, I bought two luxury cars for me and my wife from the agency, but I funded the cars on one of the commercial and not Islamic banks, and the value of the first car exceeded one million dirhams and the second car was approximately 800,000 dirhams, meaning the total of the two cars is approximately two million dirhams, I paid them a tambourine Its introduction, and the rest on the five-year installments, monthly pay in the range of 35 thousand dirhams ».

He added: «I could pay the obligations easily because the bonuses are covered and increased, praise be to God, but my salary is currently not enough for me, because I have second bank obligations, and if I pay all my salary from these installments, I will be bankrupt at the end of the month, so I asked the bank to postpone the installments, but he stipulated Rescheduling the debts, and then calculating new benefits, and refusing to postpone the installments until the crisis resolves and the sports season returns, expressing his fear of reducing the players ’salaries, especially as they have financial obligations that may lead to failure to pay some of them to prison.

For his part, the counselor Dr. Youssef Al-Sharif said in response to the questioner, that “his condition is not the only one in the state, and unfortunately as far as we work programs and advise people that their thought should not be consumeristic thought but rather investment or savings thought, but the temptations of life attract them to its lights, and they involve themselves in obligations than I too often, and I wish that something worthy, like a house or investment property, but most of these loans are spent on consumer items, such as cars , which decreases its value with time, or travel , or to introduce his children Fulani school dear », 
and pointed to the ideals Popular (extend your relatives to your quilt), if it is a salary You are distinguished and you are a professional player, but what are the guarantees of continuing your salary or distinguishing your club until you get the rewards.
He pointed to another matter, which is the call to national banks or banks operating in the state, to the necessity of the participation of the state that has great credit for you from its leadership and government in supporting you during all these past years and until now, you must contribute to alleviating the burdens on borrowers and taking into account their circumstances, nor You take advantage of these conditions until you multiply your benefits, you must postpone the installments on people until the situation stabilizes and know what things will stabilize on you, and take advantage of the people's need, circumstances and pressure at the time of their breakage, as this is not a shame, not even from our principles. ”
As for legally, in the extent of permissibility Salary cuts for players under these The circumstances that the country is going through, and indeed the whole world, Al-Sharif indicated that after the tragedy of Corona, a controversy erupted over the legal adaptation of this situation, especially with the implementation of the national sterilization program and the accompanying precautions that led, among other things, to the freezing of sporting activities, which is It did not have a negative impact on the income of the sports system in general clubs and players.

It has been decided that this law is one of the exceptional circumstances which means creating an effect on the implementation of contracts, making the performance of a contractor’s performance of his contractual obligations burdensome, which results in serious and severe damage that leads to an imbalance between the performances of the contractors, and the emergency conditions provisions meet these developments with a relative rebalancing. Demonstrate the rights and obligations of the two parties to achieve justice between the rights and obligations of the two contractors, and each of them bears some traces of the new circumstances that were not expected during their contract, as stipulated in Article 149 of the Federal Civil Transactions Law. 

On the other hand, it was also held that players ’contracts are subject to the provisions of the employment contract. In light of the decisions issued by the state in the wake of the Corona epidemic not to reduce the salaries of employees except with the agreement of the two parties, the clubs have no reduction in the salaries of players except in agreement with them, provided that this provides the minimum income for the players while not damaging the clubs according to the recommendations of the last FIFA.

Concerning the bank’s interest, on the questioner’s loan, if a lawsuit is filed, he can, through a mathematical expert, recalculate the interest that banks often calculate in a compound manner, then the expert will recalculate this interest as a simple, not compound interest, and the court can drop this interest from the current period pursuant to provisions The emergency conditions, and this is what the judgments of the state have established, and the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Federal Court has ruled the constitutionality of the provisions of the Commercial Transactions Law that banks rely on in imposing interest on loans, and accordingly, the rulings of the courts of discrimination on this have been frequent.

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