The man's refusal to commit crimes was revealed at the start of the detention negotiations on Friday. Prosecutor Marie Petersen read out the suspicions and lawyer Steffen Thorborg explained the 23-year-old's attitude.

Before the doors were closed for further negotiations, it was also revealed that the man must have tried to procure weapons and ammunition in Denmark or abroad during the months leading up to April 30.

It is unclear where the terror plans were intended to be put into effect, or when.

Sat quietly

The suspect came to court wearing a black, tight windbreaker. He pulled the hood over his head so that only his face appeared and sat quietly next to the lawyer.

The judge also issued a ban on publishing the 23-year-old's name.

In the courtroom there were also seven guards wearing protective vests.

In December, the police attacked a wide range of addresses in Denmark and arrested 20 people suspected of terrorist plans with a "militant, Islamist motive". Seven of them are still detained in that investigation.

Shoot people

The 23-year-old was arrested on Thursday in Copenhagen and the suspicions against him are not believed to have anything to do with the case in December, according to the Danish security police PET and the Copenhagen Police, but he should have acted himself.

"It is our assessment that the person has acted alone and planned one or more acts inspired by militant Islamism," Flemming Drejer, operations manager at PET, said on Thursday.

Justice Minister Nick Hekkerup says the man reportedly wanted to shoot people.

"We have the knowledge that he is Islamist inspired and that he would commit a terrorist attack, possibly shoot people and shoot the police," Hekkerup told TV2.