Extension of Emergency Declaration Talks held on April 4th, etc. Confirmed by the Liberal Democratic People 18:13 on May 1

Regarding the extension of the emergency declaration, the LDP and the Constitutional Democratic Party confirmed that they would decide to hold a parliamentary steering committee to receive a report from the government on 4th of this month.

Regarding the state of emergency declaration until the 6th of this month, the government is making adjustments in the direction of extending it by about one month while keeping the target area nationwide, and it is expected to be officially decided on the 4th of this month.

Prior to this, the LDP's chairman of the Diet, Moriyama, and the chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party, the Azumi Diet, met to discuss how to report to the Diet.

We confirmed that we would meet again on the 4th day of the week to decide on the holding of a parliamentary steering committee to answer questions from the government.

On the other hand, as for the reporter of the government, Mr. Azumi asked to be Prime Minister Abe, but Mr. Moriyama, after considering the intensive deliberation of the budget committee at a later date, as in the previous time, asked Mr. Nishimura to be in charge of economic revitalization. Proposed and decided to continue discussions.

After the meeting, Mr. Moriyama said, "I think one direction will be shown during the consecutive holidays, and I have to have the Diet report."

Mr. Azumi said, "We would like to consider the Diet report and the intensive deliberation of the budget committee as a package, and ask questions about how medical fields and people's lives are now."