Fourteen days ago the number of cremations increased. It is nothing strange about that, as the need for cremations varies greatly over a year. This time, however, there was no decline.

- This week we have seen an increased number of coffins that have come in and we also see that half are marked with this drop indicating that someone has had a corona, says Anders Carlsson, cemetery manager in Norrköping.

The differences are large between different crematoria. In Linköping, there has been no appreciable increase. In fact, the crematorium has only used half its capacity.

Planning for increased pressure is available

Thus, in Norrköping it looks different, but it is not near any crisis.

- There is no queue, but it is a hard pressure, says Anders Carlsson.

If the pressure should increase even more, there are several measures already planned. The staff can work more hours a day, coffins can be run to other crematoriums and in addition, Norrköping's crematorium plans another cold room to store more coffins.

See more in the video above.