New Zealand Corruption of customers due to deregulation Police dispatch New Corona April 30 18:48

In New Zealand, where restrictions on going out were relaxed, some corporate activities, such as restaurant operations, were resumed from the 28th, but the waited-for citizens packed inside the fast-food restaurant and the police were dispatched. In some cases, the company is busy responding to issues such as the announcement of improvement measures.

In New Zealand, the government's restrictions on going out throughout the country were relaxed, and some corporate activities such as restaurant sales and construction work resumed on the 28th.

Of these, the business of restaurants and cafes was allowed only for some tasks such as takeout and home delivery, but according to the Associated Press etc., the hamburger chain store in the largest city Auckland is filled with waiting customers. It means that there are some places where the police are dispatched.

The New Zealand government is demanding to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters from people even after economic activity resumes, but it is said that police were mobilized due to a report that the rules were not observed at this store.

This hamburger chain announced on the company's official website on 29th that improvement measures will be taken to place employees who guide visitors and to request take-out to order online before visiting the store. Did.

At the press conference on the 30th, Prime Minister Adern said the number of actions against the rules was decreasing, and asked the people to cooperate, saying, "I will continue to think that I am infected."