Economic crisis in new Corona riots in Lebanon dead to citizens April 29 23:18

In Lebanon in the Middle East, where the economic crisis has become more serious due to the effect of the new coronavirus, riots occurred as some demonstrators attacked banks, and one civilian was killed in a collision with the army, causing an increase in confusion. I am concerned.

Since October last year in Lebanon, a large-scale protest demonstration has taken place due to a backlash against the government's tax policy and political system, and last month the economic crisis has continued, with the fact that the country defaulted to default.

In addition, the spread of the new coronavirus spread, the severe economic downturn caused by strict restrictions on going out, and some demonstrators in the northern city of Tripoli ignited a mob such as igniting a bank in the northern city of Tripoli.

On the other hand, the military has started using the tear gas and rubber bullets to suppress it, killing one young man who had participated in the demonstration so far, resulting in multiple injuries.

In Lebanon, the real value of the currency has continued to fall significantly, and since many of the commodities are imported, they are beginning to put pressure on the lives of citizens.

The Lebanese government is in a hurry to rebuild the economy, but the new coronavirus is accelerating the deterioration of the economy and there is concern that the turmoil will spread.