Declaration of emergency Emergency extension nationwide National governor board decides policy New Corona April 29, 18:45

Regarding the emergency declaration until the 6th of next month, the Governor's Association of Japan will continue the extension of the declaration targeting the whole country, saying that if some areas are lifted, there is a risk that new people will move. I decided to ask for.

As the deadline for the emergency declaration on the 6th of next month was approaching a week later, the Governor's Association of Japan had more than 40 governors online to open the Emergency Response Headquarters and exchange opinions on the emergency proposals to the government. .

Among them, regarding the declaration of emergency, "The transition of the number of infected people is unpredictable, and if the declaration is canceled in some areas, it may cause new people to move and spread the infection," etc. A series of voices calling for extension.

On the other hand, Yamaguchi governor of Saga Prefecture "We are working with a strong feeling that you want to give the prospect a large consecutive holidays, residents also have been exhausted. It feels a sense of discomfort to seek an extension at this stage," in addition to said Governor Nakamura of Ehime Prefecture submitted a statement of opinion that "the extension of the declaration should be comprehensively judged by the country, and it should not be a matter for the local side to request a uniform extension."

At the meeting, the wording of the urgent proposal was decided to leave it to Chairman Iizumi, and Chairman Iizumi revealed to the NHK interview that the government will continue to request the government to extend the declaration covering the whole country. .

In addition, at meetings, companies that do not follow the "instructions" for leave will be provided with legal provisions such as penalties, and the establishment of a support system for the payment of rent, which is a heavy burden on businesses that have decreased income. We decided to include such as the urgent proposal and ask for realization.