According to the Washington Post, the leading newspaper in the United States, President Donald Trump was warned in January-February of the dangers of the Covid-19, when the White House tenant downplayed the threat of the pandemic. The American president would not have even read the briefings which were transmitted to him and was irritated when he had to listen to oral presentations.

President Donald Trump has been repeatedly warned of the dangers of the new coronavirus in intelligence reports in January and February, the Washington Post said on Monday . These warnings, more than a dozen, included in secret documents known as the President's daily briefing, were issued at a time when Donald Trump was downplaying the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Washington Post cites as sources, without naming them, current and former members of the administration.

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Over a dozen warnings

For weeks, these daily briefings have traced the path and spread of the virus and warned that China is concealing information about the lethal capacity of the Covid-19 and its easy spread. The reports highlighted the extremely serious political and economic consequences of such a crisis, writes the Washington Post.

Unidentified presidential entourage told the newspaper that Donald Trump did not read such documents and was irritated even when he had to listen to oral presentations. Donald Trump imposed travel restrictions between the U.S. and China in late January, but in February he continued to play down the severity of the threat.


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He waited until March 13 to declare a state of national emergency as the financial markets collapsed and the number of contaminations increased in New York. On Monday, the United States recorded 988,197 confirmed cases of Covid-19 contaminations for 56,144 deaths, according to a report by Johns Hopkins University.