• Coronavirus: the president of the Consulta, Marta Cartabia, negative in control
  • Coronavirus, Positive Cartabia. He is in good condition in his home


April 28, 2020 The Constitution as a "compass" to manage the Coronavirus emergency and the next phase. And the "loyal collaboration" between the institutions as a principle to which to give "particular attention" at this moment "so that the action and energies of the whole national community converge towards a single, shared objective". This is the path indicated by the president of the Consulta Marta Cartabia in a passage of the annual report on the activity of the Court. An emphasis all the more important in the presence of forward leaks from the Regions compared to government restrictions.
 The relationship begins with a "thought of heartfelt participation in the pain of the disappearance of thousands of our fellow citizens and sincere gratitude" for all those - and the thought goes in particular "to the medical and nursing staff" - which in this "not easy they ensure the essential services of the Republic with competence, courage and generosity ". Words very heartfelt by the President of the Consulta, who was infected but cured by Covid19. And in the final part Cartabia returns to the topic.

Remember that "our Constitution does not contemplate a special law for the state of emergency" and that our Republic has gone through various crisis situations, starting from the years of armed struggle, "without ever suspending the constitutional order", but modulating the principles on the criteria of "necessity, proportionality, balance, justice and temporariness". And today "the whole Republic and all its institutions - political and jurisdictional, state, regional, local - are working tirelessly within the European framework for the common goal of better serve the needs of individual citizens and the whole community ". They must continue to act in the spirit indicated by the Head of State, who - recalls Cartabia - asked for "involvement, sharing, harmony, unity of purpose": in the institutions, in politics, in the daily life of society, in the media. A path that must be absolutely pursued because "the moments of emergency require an excess of responsibility to every authority and in particular to the information operators, who play a decisive role for social and democratic life".