The Israeli authorities handed over the body of the Palestinian prisoner, Nour Jaber Al-Barghouthi, who died on Wednesday in the occupation prisons.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society received the body of the 23-year-old prisoner, Barghouti, at the Beit Sira checkpoint, west of Ramallah, before transferring him to the governmental Palestine Medical Complex, where his body is common today.

Earlier today, the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority of the PLO said that Al-Barghouthi's body was dissected at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Jerusalem, with the participation of a Palestinian doctor and lawyer, without announcing the autopsy results.

On Wednesday, the Palestinian Prisoner Club announced the death of Barghouti, after suffering a seizure in the Negev Desert Prison - southern Israel - and the prison administration's delay in reviving him.

With the death of Barghouti, the number of martyrs from the Palestinian prisoners has increased to 223, since 1967, according to the Prisoners Club.

According to Palestinian data, Israel has arrested about one million Palestinians since 1967 (the date of the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip), while the number of prisoners inside the prisons in 2020 reached about five thousand prisoners. Among the total detainees are about seven hundred sick detainees, among them three hundred chronic illnesses needing continuous treatment, ten of whom have cancer.