The government rejects foreigners from 14 new countries such as Russia 12:50 on April 27


Following the global spread of the new coronavirus, the government decided on the 27th that foreigners from 14 countries such as Russia will be refused to enter in order to further strengthen border measures.

As the global spread of the new coronavirus continued to spread, the government opened a countermeasures headquarters yesterday afternoon and decided to take additional measures to further strengthen border measures.

According to this, foreigners who have stayed in 14 countries such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Peru within the past two weeks will be denied entry from midnight on the 29th.

As a result, the denial of entry will cover 87 countries and regions.

For countries and regions that are not subject to entry denial, the issued visa will be suspended until the end of this month, but we have decided to extend this deadline until the end of next month.