In Spain, people have come up with unique pets to go out.

Foreign news sources, such as CNN, on the 24th of the local time, reported that more people are leaving their homes in Spain, which maintains a strict ban on going out, taking advantage of the exceptionally permitted pet walking.

The Spanish National Police Agency shared a photo of a citizen who seemed to have claimed to have been walking with a pet on the official social media day, and the citizen in the photo seems to have gone on a 'walk' with the goldfish in the fishbowl.

Police said they sanctioned a citizen who came out on the streets to "walk" the fish, and said the citizen's actions were not recognized as going out with a pet. Citizens were fined for violating government orders during the Corona 19 crisis.

Similar things happened several times in the past month. The Spanish Private Guard said, "There is no mercy," while revealing a video of a citizen walking a chicken with a neckline on a video. The police union even caught a citizen who was carrying a dog doll with a leash.

Police in Murcia, Spain, also caught citizens in the tyrannosaurus costumes walking down the street. The police said with the video of the time, "Pets are animals that walk with people and make people comfortable. Tyrannosaurus does not apply to this."

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