Biden says Trump may postpone presidential election  

  US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said on the 23rd that he speculated that Republican President Donald Trump might try to postpone the presidential election scheduled for November to ensure victory.

Data Map: On March 13, local time, US President Trump declared a "national emergency" at the White House in response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. China News Agency reporter Chen Meng Tongshe

  Biden said in an online campaign fundraising event that day: "Remember me, I think he will try to postpone the election and give some reasons why it cannot be held on schedule (presidential election)."

  According to Biden, postponing the election is the only way Trump believes he can win. He claimed that Trump was unwilling to allocate relief funds to the United States Postal Company, with the intention of "making it difficult for the public to vote."

  A government official told the "Washington Post" reporter earlier this month that Trump made it clear that if the relief bill to deal with the new crown epidemic includes funding for the US Postal Company, he will not sign it. The US media speculates that Trump believes that the US Postal Company does not need to be rescued.

  Agence France-Presse reported that many people believe that mailing ballots helps prevent and control the epidemic, but Trump believes that this method may create conditions for fraud.

  Reuters released the latest data from the poll with the Ipsos Group on the 22nd, which shows that Trump's public opinion support in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin's "key states" is lower than Biden. In the 2016 presidential election, Trump won a weak edge in these three states. (Yan Jie) 【Xinhua News Agency Micro Feature】