In Linköping, Voi has not been heard at all since its launch plans last fall.

- We are as ready as we can be, says Linköping's traffic engineer Jakob Olingdal.

However, another company has established itself in Linköping. Qick scooters have just over 100 electric scooters deployed in the city.

- We have sent the statement of intent to Qick scooters and they are about to sign, says Jakob Olingdahl.

Been running for a couple of weeks

- There are very few comments from the public, some who have heard about the bikes standing a little here and there. And that kind of view we expected, says Jakob Olingdal.

Norrköping is ready

- We have a declaration of intent adopted by the technical committee, so we are ready, says Andreas Lundqvist, who is a traffic planner in the municipality of Norrköping.

But even before the corona, Norrköping was told that Voi is waiting to see what the market looks like.

- They have no release date for Norrköping, says Andreas Lundqvist.

Voi pauses

Voi has paused operations in most of their cities, with the exception of the Nordic capitals and Gothenburg. They apply for government support packages in all countries where they operate, they write in a press release.

This is how Voi's plans for Linköping and Norrköping sounded;

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Accidents involving electric scooters have increased dramatically during the summer. Photo: TT