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Party, however, is getting tougher as the family struggles. Former CEO Jun-pyo Hong is pushing the chairman of the emergency response committee chairman Kim Jong-in at the end of the day. People in the party are holding Kim's side.

Reporter Kim Soo-young.


Former Korean Party leader Jun-pyo Hong strongly criticized former lawmaker Kim Jong-in, who was appointed chairman of the emergency response committee of the United Party, for two consecutive days.

In addition to Donghwa Bank's slush fund case in 1995, Roh Kim said he was convicted of bribery when he was convicted of bribery.

[Hong Joon-pyo / Former Liberal Party leader: So there are two criminals with a bribe. But in the meantime, the people had forgotten because a lot of time has passed.]

On the other hand, former lawmaker Kim Jong-in said Hong had a hard time for the president and the president to receive a nomination, and the body and mind were hurt, and the people outside the party I was told that I didn't care about the words.

Rep. Jung Jin-seok, who stepped on the 5th line, told SNS today (26th) that "the face of Hong's ex-president is burning with words spoken to Rep. Kim." Just a few days ago, I asked to have former Assemblyman Kim serve as the chairman of the bloating committee.

Representative Jae-cheol Shim said that only a handful of people oppose the Kim Jong-in regime. 

[Shim Jae-cheol / Representative of the Future Unification Party: It was 'You have to prepare to win the presidential election by March next year.' If you think it's a good place to go for the presidential election, you've left me without any regrets (Kim Jeon)

also told me.] In addition, he dismissed the party's theory of acting, saying there would be no delay in the approval process scheduled for the day after tomorrow.

(Video coverage: Lee Seung-hwan, video editing: Park Jeong-sam, screen provided by Hongka-Cola TV)