Your efforts are evaluated based on the death toll, while different countries have different ways of collecting statistics and reporting them. Is it an unfair comparison?

- Just looking at death figures is in any case a one-way way of assessing the work. I think afterwards, when we have more time to assess how the pandemic has affected different countries, will look at a lot more things than just the death toll to see what it has meant. The death toll is only a small peak of a large iceberg and is thus perhaps not the most important part. Then, of course, every death in itself is tragically tragic and affects many people around.

How sure are you that you have chosen the right path for Sweden?

- I don't think anyone anywhere in the world can be sure that they have chosen the right path. We know so little about this disease that constantly surprises us through its unpredictability. I think you have to be humble and always keep track of regulations and recommendations to get them as good as possible.