US Johns Hopkins Special Site Remarkable for its high reliability April 26, 5:20

On the Internet, websites summarizing the infection situation of the new coronavirus in the world have appeared one after another, but among them, the special site of Johns Hopkins University in the United States is not only published in Japan but also overseas media It is attracting attention as a highly reliable site, for example, by transmitting the data in flash.

Johns Hopkins University in the United States has been known as one of the world's leading educational and research institutions in the medical field including public health, producing 29 Nobel Prize winners including the Medical and Physiology Awards. I will.

A team of associate professor Lauren Gardner of the Center for Systems Science and Engineering, one of the university's research institutes, and a group of graduate students launched a special site on the new coronavirus on January 22nd.

WHO = Based on announcements by the World Health Organization and health authorities of each country, the number of infected people, dead people, and those who recovered from each country and region of the world is listed, and the scale of infection is on a map. Is indicated by the size of the circle.

You can also display a daily bar graph of infected people by clicking the country or region name.

This February, according to an article published in the British medical journal "Lancet", regarding the world's first confirmed infection with the new coronavirus, the information released by the health authorities of Hubei Province, etc. This means that the data was automatically retrieved and updated every 15 minutes via the medical information website of.

In addition to this, team members also check for new information on Twitter and news in each country, check it against the official announcement content, and then update it manually.

Data is updated at least every few hours, and in addition to multiple media in Japan, foreign media such as BBC in the United Kingdom and CNN in the United States also inform the world of infection status based on the data on this special site. .

“It's important for the general public to understand the spread of the infection with easy-to-understand data,” says Gardner, who explains why the latest information is being published together.