US-ROK air force joint training North Korea's repulsion is also expected 16:02 on April 24

It can be seen that the South Korean army and the US Army are conducting joint training by the Air Force, which had been postponed since last year, on a schedule of 5 days until 24th, and North Korea's repulsion is also expected.

According to what the Korean military officials said in an interview with NHK on the 24th, the Korean military, together with the US military, is conducting joint training by the Air Force on a five-day schedule from 20 to 24 this month. is.

In addition, "it is normal training to improve operational performance, and the period and scale are at the same level as usual."

In connection with this, Korean news agency / Union News reports that F15K and KF16 fighters from the Korean army and F16 fighters from the US army participate.

The U.S. and South Korean troops have been conducting large-scale training by the Air Force in December every year, and they planned to reduce the scale last year, but because US Secretary of Defense Esper boosts diplomatic negotiations with North Korea. However, he announced the postponement of training.

The reason behind the training this time seems to be to control North Korea, which has repeatedly launched projectiles since last month, and it is expected that North Korea will rebound.

Meanwhile, a Korean military official told NHK about the relationship with the US media that there was information that Kim Jong-un, the chairman of the Korean Labor Party, was in a serious condition. It was originally planned and is not relevant. "