They intervened in a brawl in front of a hotel hosting homeless people. Two members of the Red Cross were injured on Thursday in Strasbourg, a Red Cross spokesperson told AFP.

These two people, a volunteer in their twenties and an employee of the charitable organization, intervened in an altercation at the foot of a hotel in the Place de la Gare requisitioned by the prefecture to house homeless people who are not not reached by Covid-19.

The seriously injured volunteer

This altercation opposed a priori a resident of the hotel and another person, who injured with a knife the resident and the two members of the Red Cross, said this spokesman.

Seriously injured, the young volunteer had to be operated but his vital prognosis was not engaged Thursday evening, he said. In addition, the employee was more slightly injured.

The perpetrator could not be arrested immediately, according to the Latest News from Alsace , the police did not wish to provide more details on this case.


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