China News Service, April 24, according to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently issued the "National Aquatic Animal Disease Surveillance Plan for 2020" and deployed the National Aquatic Animal Disease Surveillance Work in 2020, covering 29 provinces across the country ( (Autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government), plans to monitor 3020 samples.

  According to the "Plan", all localities should formulate a provincial-level aquatic animal disease surveillance plan in accordance with the main tasks and arrangements of the national aquatic animal disease surveillance plan, combined with the province's aquaculture situation, aquatic animal disease epidemic characteristics and other factors; Strengthen the risk assessment, monitoring and early warning and emergency response of aquatic animal epidemic situation, scientifically research and judge the prevention and control situation, and provide scientific basis for prevention and control decision-making; report the epidemic situation in accordance with legal procedures, timely release early warning and forecast information, and organize the emergency epidemic situation.

  The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs requires that all localities strengthen the organization and leadership, and effectively implement the aquatic animal disease surveillance plan as an important measure for the prevention and control of aquatic animal diseases; strengthen supervision and inspection, and promptly organize the disease if positive samples or epidemics are found Information reporting, purification of positive farms, emergency epidemic treatment and other work to avoid the spread of immunization; monitoring points should fully cover the relevant varieties of aquatic original seed farms above the provincial level, key seed farms and introduction breeding centers; sample collection should strictly abide by the country In accordance with relevant regulations, the results of the test shall be uploaded to the national monitoring system in a timely manner by completing a batch of reports and batches, and do a good job in early warning and forecasting, prevention and control, and make every effort to ensure the safety of aquatic life.