On Friday, the region Blekinge decided to assist the Sörmland region with medical personnel as of Saturday to help during the corona pandemic. It involves three teams of nine people traveling to work in Eskilstuna and Sörmland.

- So far we have a relatively quiet location with us. Resources are available to help across borders. So of course we should set up when we can. Next time, we may need external support, ”says Ulrika Siesing, operations manager at the anesthesia clinic, in a press release.

Three teams go

The plan is for three teams to succeed each other and to work four days at a time. Each team consists of an anesthesiologist and two intensive care nurses. 

- I feel well prepared to take on the task. I have great respect for the virus but with the right equipment I feel safe, says Marie-Louise König, intensive care nurse at Blekinge Hospital.

Different without relatives

Marie-Louise König has cared for covid-19 patients at the Blekinge Hospital and knows what it means.

- In the pandemic you have to work in protective equipment all the time, and be responsible for more intensive care patients at a time. It is also different that there are no relatives in place who support the work, adds Marie-Louise König.