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Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson's advisor for everything, participated in the meetings of the Council of Scientific Experts for Emergencies (SAGE) and was able to interfere politically in decision-making in the face of the coronavirus epidemic . As The Guardian reveals, Cummings and IT expert Ben Warner (with whom he collaborated on the 'Leave Leave' campaign for Brexit) sat next to the panel of 21 experts gathered on March 23, the same day Johnson announced the "latch".

Until a few days earlier, Cummings had been one of the voices most opposed to measures of social distance . Johnson's strategist may have participated in the first two meetings of the SAGE group devoted to the coronavirus, on January 22 and 28, and in which epidemiologist Neil Ferguson raised the alarm about the danger of Covid-19 and the need of taking drastic measures.

The SAGE group, which also includes scientific advisor Partick Balance and medical advisor Chris Witty , met on ten other occasions in February and submitted its recommendations to the Cobra emergency department. The 'premier' Boris Johnson , however, was absent from the meetings on five occasions .

Revelations from 'The Guardian' once again expose Dominic Cummings' shadow paper, amid growing concern about the power vacuum and Johnson's "carefreeness" at critical moments in the epidemic . Until now Downing Street had kept the names of the members of the SAGE group strictly secret.

"It is amazing that political advisers can meddle in these kinds of meetings," said former government science adviser David King . "If you want scientific advice, it is tremendously important that it does not have any political bias."

The Liberal Democratic Party has called for the opening of an investigation and has called for "full transparency" to the Government in reporting on SAGE group meetings and the active role of Dominic Cummings. The new scandal, together with the lack of protection for health personnel and the extreme delay in testing the population , threatens to put 'premier' Boris Johnson in a compromised position on his return to political activity.

Johnson continues to recover at the Checkers' residence almost two weeks after leaving St. Thomas Hospital , where he was admitted to the ICU with respiratory problems and persistent symptoms of the coronavirus. President Donald Trump, who spoke to him on the phone on Tuesday, stated that the 'premier' is recovered and eager to take action.

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