Students seeking SVT in connection with the Vibackeskolan on Alnö say that the man who is now suspected to be behind the threats has some form of relationship with a female student at the school. Unsame should have occurred and on Thursday the man sent a message to the student with a very threatening content.

- He would shoot her and everyone who got in his way, says one student.


Unconfirmed information from other students says that the suspected man was sometimes armed with firearms. It was also students at the school who initially informed the school staff about the threat and the staff immediately took urgent action.

- Students came to our student coaches and I decided it was time to call the police, says Ingela Palmqvist Norberg, who is the principal at Vibackeskolan.

Threat picture since before

The police response force was quickly in place and struck an iron ring around the school. A little later, the now suspected man was arrested in a residential area in a suburb of Sundsvall.

During Friday, it was also revealed that some form of threat to the students in question existed even before the incident.

- I was a little familiar with this since before, says Ingela Palmqvist Norberg who does not want to develop what it is about information.