China News Agency, Berlin, April 22 (Reporter Peng Dawei) In response to individual media and politicians in the United States distributing the statement that "the new crown virus originates from the Wuhan Laboratory", many well-known think tank experts in Europe told reporters of China News Agency in an interview on the 21st that The new crown epidemic is a challenge faced by all mankind. Viruses are the common enemy of all people. Playing the "dumping pot" game of blaming each other is not helpful to solve the problem, it will only be counterproductive. Experts call on responsible politicians to work together sincerely under the multilateral mechanism to get rid of the epidemic.

On April 17, local time, during the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, many portraits of medical workers were erected on the west lawn of the US Capitol, calling for personal protective equipment for medical care. The picture shows citizens taking pictures on the photos.

  "Now is not a time to play a geopolitical game, but a time to work together. To shirk responsibility or information warfare is not a way to solve the problem." Shada ISLAM, director of policy at the well-known Brussels think tank "Friend of Europe" Through a video connection, the reporter told China News Service, "The Blame Game is toxic, which adds obstacles for countries to work together to cope with the outbreak, develop vaccines and supply anti-epidemic materials."

  She said that what we are facing is not "who is fighting against whom." There is no winner or loser in this fight against epidemic disease, but a humanitarian and economic challenge that all mankind faces.

  Regarding the current anti-epidemic situation, Dennis Snower, co-chairman of the G20 Think Tank Summit in Germany and founder and chairman of the Global Solutions Initiative in Berlin, repeatedly asked: "The new coronary pneumonia epidemic has forced people One of the cruelest and most important issues is if we already know what we must do to overcome this pandemic — just as we face other challenges such as climate change, financial crisis and so on — why do we Only spend so little time and energy on what must be done? "

  "Why at this moment of global threats, many countries are still retreating towards populism and nationalism? Why should we call this pandemic the 'Chinese virus'? Know that this is encouraging people and nations "Conflicts between them." Dennis Snow called on responsible politicians around the world to work together sincerely under the mechanism of multilateral cooperation to ensure that their domestic goals and global multilateral goals complement each other.

  "There is no doubt that the new coronavirus is still spreading around the world, it threatens human health. But there is another virus that poisons people's hearts, that is, the hatred sentiment against China instigated by individual politicians and the media." Germany China Problem expert and former director of the Hessian Department of International Affairs Michael Borchmann pointed out.

  The reporter noted that according to German media reports recently, Deborah Birx, the coordinator of the New White House Pneumococcal Epidemic Outbreak in the United States, admitted in an interview with CBS on the 19th that she had no knowledge of the new crown virus "is a laboratory accident." Any evidence is also unclear about "the exact origin". Box also said that as of now, the general consensus is "this is transmitted from animals to humans."

  In this regard, Bo Xiwen pointed out that, in fact, there are many rational and objective reports in the German media. These reports show that the individual ’s allegation that the virus originated in the Wuhan Laboratory has absolutely no evidence and can only be understood as the politics of its domestic campaign. Driven by consideration.

  "Some people claim that the virus was 'made in an Israeli laboratory'. Our media has condemned this claim as 'anti-Semitism'. In view of this, I think the media should equally condemn the above statement against China as 'dirtyly' Discredit and slander China '. "Bo Xiwen said.

  During the interview, experts from European think tanks generally believed that professional questions such as "Where did the virus originate?" Should be left to scientists and public health experts to answer.

  "Conspiracy theory is one of the worst things that the epidemic brings. The lesson we learned from the conspiracy theory about the epidemic is that we must listen carefully to the words of public health experts who know how to deal with the raging virus and how to find out what the virus really is. Source. "Shada Islam said.

  Sonja Kastilan, the editor-in-chief of the scientific edition of the German "Sunday Law Report", also wrote that there are valid and valid criticisms that can and must exist, regardless of whether they are targeted at WHO, donors, public authorities It is still a scientific research institution, but this criticism should not be aimed at "making chaos or disturbing the people", but should be to clarify the problem and make the above institutions work better. She emphasized that the rumors that "the new coronavirus may have leaked from a laboratory" did not help solve the most urgent problems.

  "The new coronavirus is the current common enemy of all of us. We'd better continue fighting keenly and fearlessly like all researchers, doctors, paramedics and others who are helping to fight the epidemic. Everything else, nowadays It doesn't matter. "Sonia Castilen said. (Finish)