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The Ministry of Health finally reveals what the 640,000 failed tests cost to quickly detect the coronavirus: 6,988,035 euros. According to an official communication, in which it assures that it has disbursed 350,293,032.08 euros in sanitary material, the acquisition of rapid detection systems for Covd-19 was carried out through a contract that "was annulled when it was shown that the sensitivity of the products was less than desired. "

Not in vain, it, which was offered by the Chinese company Bioeasy Biotechnology with a percentage higher than 90%, only reached 25/30% with difficulties in the large Spanish hospitals. A figure that all specialists consider completely insufficient and that forced the Executive to proceed with the return of the consignment of material. "A request was presented to the company for the return of the goods delivered, the request for the amount paid so far," says the Executive presiding over Pedro Sánchez, who continues without revealing the name of the intermediary who commissioned the operation.

According to the Ministry of Health itself, "the refund was made on April 17." Furthermore, the Government adds that both this and other "supplies" have been "borne by the extraordinary credit of 1,000 million euros granted to the Ministry of Health from the Contingency Fund."

The Ministry of Health has also submitted to the Council of Ministers for its reasoning several emergency processing agreements carried out to meet the needs of acquisition of "protection material to board the Covid-19". He stresses that in order to articulate them, in accordance with Royal Decree-Law 7/2020, of March 12, on urgent measures to respond to the economic impact of Covid-19, an "emergency procedure" has been carried out. Specifically, the Executive has reported the existence of "seven records of emergency supplies and one eighth relating to the launch of an institutional advertising campaign for the dissemination of messages related to the coronavirus." "Specifically," indicates Health, "5,689,000 diagnostic kits have been purchased, 496,800,000 respiratory protection masks and 20,160,000 units of other material such as surgical masks, gloves and protective glasses." "The total amount of these supplies," reports Health, "has amounted to 350,293,032.08 euros."

The Government adds that "in this way it has been possible to address the most urgent and priority protection needs of health professionals who work with patients, other professionals who are in contact with them and patients." "In addition, diagnostic kits have been made available to reliably detect infection." Lastly, he details that "an eighth dossier has been formalized for the contracting of an advertising campaign whose objective is to sensitize the population about the disease and which is expected to be carried out in the coming months, adapting to epidemiological circumstances." The amount of this campaign will amount to "4.5 million euros".

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