Since the start of Corona 19, there has been a rapid increase in garbage in the world's oceans.

That's the mask and latex gloves I used.

<Oh! Click> The third search term is 'sea floating mask'.

This is a photo released by the Ocean Environment Group, Oceans Asia.

Dozens of masks collected from Soko Beach in Hong Kong. After the masks used to prevent corona19 have been used, they become garbage and pollute the marine ecosystem.

Oceans Asia said, "It took only six weeks for correlated waste to flow into the sea after Corona 19."

Latex gloves used to prevent corona19 continue to be found in Miami Beach, Florida.
When the beach was polluted by the sudden increase in garbage, local SNS even appeared in the challenge of posting pictures of discarded gloves.

Experts warn, "Now that masks and gloves will come out of the belly of dead marine life soon."

The netizens responded, "I often see masks that have been discarded even on the roadside now."

(Source: Facebook OceansAsia, Instagram) TheGloveChallenge)