In France, the opposition obtains a vote in principle on the StopCovid project

The project called StopCovid is an application for smartphones whose aim is to "limit the distribution of the Covid-19". Illustration photo Olivier DOULIERY / AFP

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In France, the government accepts that a vote will take place in Parliament on digital tracing, Tuesday and Wednesday April 27 and 28. The government is in the process of developing an application to fight the Covid-19 but the opposition was demanding that Parliament be able to speak on this hot topic.


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The government had to give in to pressure from the opposition. For several days, the right and the left combined have been asking for a vote of Parliament - and not just a debate - on digital tracing .

The pressure had increased a notch Monday during a videoconference between the leaders of the political parties and the Prime Minister. Impossible - said the opposition - to be content with simple speech on such an important issue for the public and individual freedoms . "  So it was better to put out the fire,  " says a government source.

But beware, even with this vote, it will in any case be a debate of principle on digital tracing. Each sensitivity of Parliament will explain to the rostrum why it is favorable or not. But parliamentarians will not vote on a law on the StopCovid application being produced.

This debate followed by a vote is therefore a lot of consolation for parliamentarians who are biting their brakes a bit, because since the beginning of the health crisis the executive has governed mainly by ordinances - without going through Parliament.

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