Wang Wenli, Chinese Consul General in St. Petersburg: Zero infections among Chinese citizens in the consular area! "Health Pack" for international students will be issued next week!

  At present, the epidemic situation of new coronary pneumonia in Russia is on the rise. With the spread of the epidemic in Russia, the health and safety of local Chinese citizens have affected the heart of the motherland all the time.

  The consular area of ​​the Chinese Consulate General in St. Petersburg covers 7 federal entities including the city of St. Petersburg. There are about 8,000 international students in the territorial area, ranking second in Russia; there are also about 3,000 Chinese personnel and overseas Chinese working and living in the area.

  What about local Chinese citizens? Consul General Wang Wenli of China in St. Petersburg and Zhang Chuhang, chairman of the China Overseas Students Association of St. Petersburg, were interviewed by China News Network and China Overseas Chinese Network on the 17th for "Cloud Interview", responding to the concerns of overseas Chinese and foreign students in the consular area.

Zero infections among Chinese citizens in the territory

  The consulate general has established an emergency mechanism

  In the interview, Wang Wenli revealed that because of Chinese citizens' strong awareness of epidemic prevention, there are currently no Chinese citizens infected in the territory.

  If there are suspected symptoms of Chinese citizens, she reminds that all local governments in Russia have issued specific epidemic prevention regulations and medical procedures. Take St. Petersburg as an example, you can call the medical staff to come to the door; if the diagnosis has been confirmed, it will be isolated according to the condition and treated.

  She introduced that the consulate general has also established an emergency mechanism and plan, and determined the specific emergency response process. "Chinese citizens in the consular district can contact the consulate general via telephone, WeChat, email, etc., and the consulate general will classify and handle it according to the specific situation.

  She said that if the foreign students show symptoms, the consulate general will send a medical support team to understand the situation on the spot and ask local medical staff to come to the door according to the specific situation; if the diagnosis is confirmed, the consulate general will coordinate with the local government and infectious disease hospital. Make sure they are treated in time.

  "Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine St. Petersburg Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital was established in 2016 and is the first legally recognized Chinese medicine hospital in Russian history." Wang Wenli also pointed out that under the epidemic situation, the hospital has also entered an emergency state, actively deploying epidemic prevention work, and exerting Chinese medicine Features and advantages, combined with the development of the local epidemic situation, have formulated an epidemic prevention plan, which is very popular in the local area. If you need it, you can contact it.

The mentality of Chinese compatriots is generally stable and positive

  Consulate General provides practical assistance

  "The mentality of Chinese citizens in the territorial area is generally stable and positive." She said that everyone is arranging work and life in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the local government, while actively acting and helping each other: Chinese-funded institutions are responsible for the epidemic prevention of employees. The Overseas Chinese Regiment is responsible for the epidemic prevention of overseas Chinese. The consulate-general has set up three groups under the International Students Union, including an information group, a material preparation group, and a poverty relief group. There are liaison officers in 29 schools with Chinese students.

The picture shows the Chinese International Students Association distributing the mask raised by the consulate general to St. Petersburg International Students. Photo courtesy of the Consulate General

  Wang Wenli said that since the outbreak, the consulate general has always made organizing, guiding and serving the Chinese citizens in the consular district common anti-epidemic work the most important task, interpreting local anti-epidemic regulations through websites and WeChat public accounts, publishing anti-epidemic information, and remote medical platforms. An epidemic line has also been added, and communication with everyone is maintained through WeChat, email, and telephone.

  "At present, the territorial area is generally adequately supplied with food and medicines, and online shopping is also normal." Wang Wenli said that the most difficult problem reflected by local Chinese citizens is the lack of epidemic prevention materials. In response, from March 27th, the Consulate General has distributed masks, gloves, disinfectant and other anti-epidemic materials in three batches. We will continue to distribute them in the future, "We will ensure that every Chinese citizen in the consular district will receive At least 20 masks. "

The picture shows the first batch of masks issued by the Chinese Consulate General in St. Petersburg. Photo courtesy of the Consulate General

Protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens

  Recommend to use law to deal with discrimination

  "Maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens in the consular district and providing consular protection are the responsibility of the consulate general." Wang Wenli said that after the outbreak, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens in Russia, the Party Central Committee and various government departments have done a lot of work; China The embassy in Russia communicates closely with the Russian central government to ensure that Chinese citizens work and live in Russia in terms of visas and education; the consulate general has also been actively coordinating with the government departments and universities in the consular area, and requires them to treat Chinese citizens fairly. There must be no discriminatory measures and excessive law enforcement.

  "If you encounter discrimination, I suggest that you take up legal weapons and resolutely defend rights." Wang Wenli said that there have been cases in which foreign students have been refused to protect their rights in the consulate. The consulate general will firmly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens, but she is also special Remind everyone, especially young students, to pay attention to methods and strategies when dealing with discrimination to avoid harming themselves.

  "Like caring for your own children" caring for international students

  Wang Wenli said that since March 27, the Consulate General has distributed three batches of anti-epidemic materials to Chinese citizens, including international students.

  "The registration system for distributing materials is adopted, and everyone is encouraged to promote their style so that those who are in urgent need will get first." Wang Wenli said that only 470 students who were in urgent need of anti-epidemic materials registered, and 5 other students in the territorial area purchased their own living expenses A thousand masks were donated to other students in need through the consulate general. "During the fight against the epidemic, our young generation has shown love, responsibility and responsibility, which deeply moved us."

The picture shows a mask donated by international students at the consular area at their own expense. Photo courtesy of the Consulate General

  Regarding whether temporary business flights will be opened for international students who have difficulties, Wang Wenli said that there is no specific work arrangement. "There are currently 19 underage young students in the territories, 11 of whom are accompanied by parents, and the rest are also entrusted to help take care of them. We are in close contact with these 19 students and they are in good condition."

  She said that the "health package" issued by the motherland to international students is currently in place and can be issued next week. "Please rest assured that parents and relatives in China will care about your children as much as they care about their children."

  Because of the epidemic control measures, there are currently more than 2,000 international students in the territorial area stranded in the country. Wang Wenli said that the Consulate General has been maintaining communication with universities and urged the school to set up online courses for these students for distance education.

  She suggested that everyone should first wait patiently for the peak of the epidemic in accordance with relevant policy requirements; second, participate in distance courses in accordance with the requirements of the school; and third, maintain active communication with teachers and classmates to complete their studies in the future Sufficient preparation.

It is recommended that everyone reduce the flow and do a good job of protection

  Wang Wenli said that as of April 16, there were 1,845 confirmed cases in the territory, including 1083 cases in St. Petersburg. Although the growth of the epidemic has not reached its peak, the Russian government attaches great importance to the control of the epidemic and has taken many effective measures.

  "We believe that these measures are slowly taking effect." Wang Wenli said that the current consulate general advises everyone to reduce the flow according to the requirements of anti-epidemic experts and maximize personal protection.

  "Long-distance travel is very risky." Wang Wenli said that at present, many confirmed cases have been found on Russian flights to China, and there is no direct flight from St. Petersburg to China. Everyone has to take a train or plane transfer. It is also very large. "

  Of course, if you need to return to your country, Wang Wenli reminds you that you must understand and comply with relevant domestic requirements and information in advance. For example, if you have already purchased an air ticket, please fill in your personal health information 14 days in advance in accordance with the requirements; in addition, please be sure to do a good job of safety protection during the journey.

  Text: Ma Xiuxiu