China Overseas Chinese Network, April 17th, according to the Dutch "United Times" report, a few days ago, Yu Bin, chairman of the Dutch Chinese Drink Association (VCHO), handed over 2,000 protective masks to Hans van Willenswaard, manager of the Zonnehuisgroep Amstelland Nursing Center, and communicated to him Asian restaurant entrepreneurs are concerned about the Dutch epidemic and its institutions. Van Willenswaard expressed gratitude and stated that he would use this "gift" to better protect his employees and residents. This nursing center is responsible for caring for 1,800 elderly people who cannot take care of themselves. There are about 1,400 staff members.

  Previously, members of the China Drinks Association contacted the Association several times, hoping that the Association could arrange to donate medical supplies to institutions with greater risks to express love and contribute to Dutch society. After learning of the serious shortage of masks in the Dutch nursing home / elderly care center, the China Drinks Association contacted a group of masks and contacted several nursing centers in the surrounding area, and finally selected the one with the least protective materials for donation. Yu Bin, Chairman of the China Drinks Association, said: "We hope to contribute to Dutch society on behalf of entrepreneurs in the Asian restaurant industry in this way."