China Overseas Chinese Network, April 15th, according to the news of the Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Association in Milan, Italy, with the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the world, countries help each other and work together to overcome the difficulties. The overseas Chinese living in Italy have their ancestors (countries of origin), and they also contributed to Italy's fight against the epidemic.

Fundraising and donating materials for hometown

In January 2020, with the spread of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, overseas Chinese living in Italy are always paying attention to the epidemic situation in their home country, and after learning of the scarcity of domestic medical supplies, the Executive Committee of the Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Association in Milan, Italy Chang Lin Maofeng and Chairman Zhao Huanqing launched the "Proposal for Supporting the National Anti-epidemic Situation" for the first time, calling on everyone to actively raise funds and dedicate their love. The initiative also aroused a positive response from concerned overseas Chinese, and in just one week, raised materials and donated 37,600 euros.

"Italian" fight against epidemic

In late February, the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic spread rapidly in Italy. Overseas Chinese in Italy attached great importance to it, and they spontaneously closed their homes to protect themselves.

With the development of the Italian epidemic, the lack of medical supplies and tension in the hospital has also attracted the attention and attention of local overseas Chinese. The Italians in Italy regarded Italy as their second hometown and decided to fight the epidemic together so that the virus could be controlled as soon as possible.

The Zhejiang Chinese Overseas Chinese Association in Milan donated anti-epidemic materials to Milan Sacco Hospital, which received the most patients in Lombardy. The donated doctor expressed his gratitude to the medical materials donated by the Chinese community.

The Zhejiang Chinese Overseas Chinese Association in Milan stated that they will do their utmost to spare no effort to help Italy overcome the difficulties.

Since Milan has entered the state of closure, except for pharmacies and food supermarkets, all commercial operations have been stopped. After 14 people from the expert team of the Zhejiang Provincial Medical Team arrived in Milan, President Wen Yangdong joined the Milan Overseas Chinese Community to do the food and accommodation for the medical team. After careful arrangements, volunteers were hired to assist the expert group to facilitate the exchange of prevention and control experience between the local government and hospital departments.

(Photo courtesy of Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Association in Milan, Italy)

" Brothers" work together to fight against "epidemic disease"

During the epidemic, overseas Chinese took the initiative to donate masks to the local government police station and put masks in the mailboxes of neighbors to the airport to assist overseas Chinese to board the plane. They were praised by the local government and people.

In the early days of the outbreak, the Zhejiang Chinese Overseas Chinese Association in Milan, Italy, took care of their ancestors (countries of origin) and rushed for fund-raising; when the global outbreak occurred, donated relevant medical supplies to Italy, worked closely with the brothers overseas Chinese group, and during the compliance with the Italian outbreak At the same time as laws and regulations, pay close attention to the development of the epidemic situation, actively participate in the overseas Chinese anti-epidemic emergency team and volunteer team, and serve the overseas Chinese to spend difficult times together. (Contributed by Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Association in Milan, Italy)