China News Service, April 15 (Xinhua) According to news from the United Nations News website, on April 14, local time, US President Trump announced that the United States will suspend funding for the World Health Organization. In response, UN Secretary General Guterres responded that it is "not the right time".

Figure: UN Secretary General Guterres. China News Agency reporter Xia Binshe

According to reports, Guterres said on the 14th that the World Health Organization must be supported, which is essential for the global victory over the new crown epidemic. He said that now is not the time to reduce the resources of the World Health Organization or any other humanitarian organization that fights against the new coronary pneumonia virus.

Guterres made it clear that the international community must unite, "to unite to stop the new coronavirus and its devastating consequences."

It is reported that on the 14th, Trump announced that the United States will suspend funding to the World Health Organization and evaluate the agency ’s response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.

In his speech, Trump criticized WHO for opposing large-scale travel restrictions and accused the agency of failing to quickly review and share accurate information about the new coronavirus.