What is happening to the overseas Chinese in all countries as the new pneumonia epidemic spreads all over the world? China Overseas Chinese Network (ID: qiaowangzhongguo) specially launched a series of "Overseas Stays" series of manuscripts, telling the story of the "war epidemic" left by overseas Chinese. In this issue, South Korea's celebration of Russia tells us its left-behind story.

I have been working in Russia for five years and have experienced spring, summer, autumn and winter, but no winter has been as memorable as 2020.

Because of work relationship, the Spring Festival in 2020 is the second Spring Festival I spent in Moscow. Before and after the Spring Festival, at the beginning of the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, our project colleagues who stayed in Moscow mainly focused on supporting and supporting domestic prevention and control work, because there are our relatives and colleagues.

After March, the domestic epidemic prevention situation gradually improved, and a large number of confirmed cases appeared in Russia, and all sectors of the society gradually became tense.

The project department also shifted the focus of prevention and control to the safety of institutions and personnel in Russia, increased publicity and education, and guided the staff of the project department, especially Russian employees, to pay attention to the hazards of the virus.

The epidemic prevention policy must be put on the wall. (Photo courtesy of the author)

We have purchased masks, temperature guns, thermometers and other epidemic prevention materials. Distribute the epidemic prevention and control "health package" to all employees. In addition to the necessary masks and other items, it also includes the compilation of the Moscow Epidemic Prevention Policy, the "Employee Manual for Epidemic Prevention and Control", and the Russian version of the "COVID-19" manual. We are also actively popularizing epidemic prevention knowledge; conducting a special study on "How to protect the safety of overseas Chinese in the face of severe epidemics?" We maintain close communication with the Russian embassy and pay attention to the news and policy tips issued by the embassy in a timely manner.

Distribute epidemic prevention "health packages" to all employees. (Photo courtesy of the author)

In response to the characteristics of the large number of localized employees, we specially prepared the "Employment Prevention and Control Implementation Plan for Localized Employees", drafted the "Infection Prevention and Control Notification", organized employees to focus on learning, and solemnly signed after the notification.

Dissemination of epidemic prevention knowledge. (Photo courtesy of the author)

Before the Moscow city government opened home office, the project department prepared for the rain. Considering the increasingly severe situation in Russia, the project department adjusted the work rhythm, arranged the duty plan, and started home office gradually from March 16. At the same time, it focuses on strengthening the health management of Russian employees and their families, and insists on testing body temperature twice a day.

Test your body temperature twice a day. (Photo courtesy of the author)

According to the new requirements of Russia, the home office policy will continue until April 30, and from April 13 onwards, it will begin to apply for electronic passes, but this has little impact on daily life. Normal shopping in supermarkets and pharmacies, throwing garbage, etc. can be done in the nearest area, not subject to policy restrictions, but you must wear masks and do disinfection and other protective work.

The supermarket is rich in living materials and can basically meet the needs of life. (Photo courtesy of the author)

Under the grim situation, there is also hope. On April 2, the materials aided by the Chinese government arrived in Moscow. On April 11, the Chinese government went to the Russian anti-epidemic medical expert group to arrive in Moscow. During the period, the expert group will exchange and share with the Russian side. Experience, provide prevention and control and diagnosis and treatment guidance and training. In addition, the expert group will also hold a video conference with representatives of overseas Chinese in Russia, Chinese-funded institutions, and international students to introduce knowledge of epidemic prevention and distribute anti-epidemic materials.

The breath of spring is near. Spring in Moscow is late, but it will never be absent.

The virus will be defeated, and the victory belongs to us!

Author: Kyung