China News Agency Haikou, April 12 Question: When the construction of Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) is in progress: "Study in Hainan" is not a dream

China News Agency reporter Zhang Qianyi

As the first internationally renowned education brand school to settle in Hainan, the Haikou Harrow School project is progressing in an orderly manner and will officially start in September this year. The school covers kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school and high school stage, and can provide international education services for Hainan local students and children of high-end talents introduced.

Since the establishment of the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong), "quality genes" have been continuously implanted into education. A number of prestigious schools have settled here, which not only improves the local education ecology, but also makes "study in Hainan" not a dream. According to incomplete statistics, Hainan has signed a total of 100 various types of educational cooperation projects and started 412 educational projects, with a total investment of nearly 20 billion yuan.

The Ministry of Education and the Hainan Provincial Government last year studied and formulated the "Implementation Plan on Supporting Hainan's Deepening Education Reform and Opening", clearly supporting Hainan in building an international education innovation island, and giving Hainan pilot international high schools and international kindergartens, pilot overseas engineering universities and vocational schools to independently run schools 2. Introduce special policy support such as the enrollment plan of well-known universities at home and abroad.

Hainan has built three platforms for the introduced universities: Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, Lingshui Li'an International Education Innovation Pilot Zone, and Haikou Guilinyang Education Park, focusing on the development needs of key industries in the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong). Each platform has its own focus.

Focusing on the development needs of the modern service industry led by tourism, Lingshui Li'an International Education Innovation Pilot Zone introduced the Communication University of China, the Central University for Nationalities, and Beijing University of Physical Education, and cooperated with foreign universities including Coventry University in the United Kingdom to carry out Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools . It is understood that the control regulations for the pilot area have been announced and construction will begin this year.

Lu Jianwei, full-time deputy director of the Free Trade Office of the Hainan Provincial Department of Education, said that Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Ocean University of China, Wuhan University of Technology, and China Agricultural University have settled in Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, and will develop modern seed industry, marine Talent training and scientific research in new materials, deep sea exploration and other fields. "These universities will use Hainan's unique resources to carry out teaching and scientific research activities and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements."

In addition, Hainan has reached a memorandum of cooperation with Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in Germany, introducing it into a solely-owned school in Yangpu to achieve a "zero" breakthrough in the independent-owned school in Qiong by overseas universities.

In the two years since the establishment of the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong), it has taken multiple measures to recruit talents. High-quality basic education has become a rigid need to retain talents and serve talents.

Hainan has "high-level grafting" high-quality educational resources at home and abroad, and famous schools are "opening their branches". Up to now, Hainan has introduced or is currently negotiating a total of 78 cooperative school projects, and has built a total of 34 enrollment schools, achieving the full coverage of all cities and counties to introduce high-quality basic education resources education projects.

"Post-90s" Hong Kong youth Liu Hongjie came to Qiong to start a family business and opened a number of cross-border e-commerce physical stores. What made him happy is that a number of schools such as Harrow College, Dulwich College, and Weiya College will run schools in Hainan, where children can enjoy high-quality international education and relieve his worries.

Lazhen, a Hainan Normal University student from Nepal, said that he plans to return to Nepal to start a Chinese language training institution after finishing his graduate studies in China, and contribute to the promotion of friendly exchanges between Nepal and China.

In order to pave the way for more international students like Lazhen to go to Qiong to study, Hainan promotes the "Study in Hainan" plan, and establishes the "Hainan Provincial Government International Student Scholarship", while optimizing the policy environment for Hainan international students' study, employment, and entrepreneurship. The scale of international students studying in Hainan in 2019 has increased by nearly 40% year-on-year.

Cao Xiankun, director of the Hainan Provincial Department of Education, said that Hainan will continue to introduce high-quality educational resources at home and abroad this year, allowing it to land in Hainan to blossom and bear fruit, while polishing the "study in Hainan" brand and adding stamina to the high-quality development of Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) . (Finish)