Yesterday (10th) The voter turnout was just a few days before the general voting for two days today, and it is the best ever. 11.7 million people voted, 26.7%, twice as high as in the last general election, and surpassed the figures in the election three years ago. There are a lot of people who have thought about it and haven't gone through it. Four days later, on the 15th.

This is Yun Na-ra, the first news reporter.


Advance voting booth installed at Yeongdeungpo Culture Center in Seoul.

There was a long line today.

There were many voters who came to pre-vote on the day of the general election, which is expected to be crowded due to concerns about the spread of the Corona 19 infection.

Don't forget to disinfect your hands as well as masks and plastic gloves to exercise your precious vote.

[Jung Yun-hee / Dangsan-dong, Seoul: I really want to vote, but on the day of the election, there is also a corona problem, and I was surprised that there were too many people (I had a pre-voting).]

Yesterday, over the past two days, 11,174 million people voted at 3,508 pre-voting stations nationwide, with a turnout of 26.7%.

It was more than twice as high as the 12.2% prior voting rate of the 20th general election four years ago, and also exceeded the previous record of 26.1% in the previous three-year election.

By region, Jeonnam was the highest at 35.8% and Daegu was the lowest at 23.6%.

In today's pre-voting process, the 'leaving a distance of 1 meter' between voters was largely well maintained, but in some polling places there were cases where the line lengthened and not kept well.

[Jangyang-gu / Yeongdeungpo-dong, Seoul: There was nothing to worry about as it kept a social distance and was equipped with a disinfection system. Wear gloves… .]

People who were confirmed corona19 and medical staff also had a significant vote at a special dictionary voting booth that was set up outside the living treatment center.

(Video coverage: Jang Un-suk, Video editing: Won-hee Hwan)