• The Eurogroup finds an agreement, the ball passes to the heads of state and government
  • Eurogroup, new meeting. German Finance Minister: close agreement on aid
  • Coronavirus, Eurogroup postponed until tomorrow, no agreement. Paris: Holland freezes agreement


April 10, 2020 "I welcome the crucial result achieved by the Eurogroup yesterday and support for Sure to keep jobs. The European Commission will respond to the call and for decisive action through the recovery plan and a strengthened multi-year budget ". The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said this after agreeing to the Eurogroup on the package to respond to the economic impact of the Coronavirus crisis.

Breton: "With investment fund there will be turbo-investments"
"I welcome the agreement to the Eurogroup to work on a European Recovery Fund, the fourth pillar of the economic response to the Coronavirus for turbo-investments for a green, digital and more resilient economy". The Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton wrote on Twitter, commenting on the agreement with the Eurogroup.

I welcome the #Eurogroup agreement to work on a European #Recovery Fund, the 4th pillar of the #coronavirus economic response to turbo-charge investments for a green, digital & more resilient economy.

Let's make it happen swiftly🇪🇺

People, economy and #EUindustry can't wait. pic.twitter.com/mhNfLXOlkj

- Thierry Breton (@ThierryBreton) April 10, 2020

Spd: "Good Eurogroup, now other steps for Italy and Spain"
The agreement to the Eurogroup on a € 500 billion anti-coronavirus aid package "is a first step" for the German Social Democrats. But "if we measure it on the measures that the Bundestag has decided for Germany, further steps are needed for Italy and Spain". This is what SPD leader Norbert Walter-Borjans said in an interview with Funke group newspapers.

According to the head of the German Social Democrats, the agreement represents "a ray of light for the whole continent" as well as "a first step towards maintaining the unity of Europe", also because it gives time to seek EU funding for a long time "fair trade" for the post-coronavirus: and for that "common government bonds are also needed", insists Walter-Borjans.

Left Gue: "Unacceptable Eurogroup agreement"
"The Eurogroup deal means another decade of austerity for member states at a time when investment in public services is urgent." This was stated by the co-president of the leftist Gue / Ngl group, Manon Aubry, in the European Parliament. "The EU remains a prisoner of the same old recipes of the past and budgetary orthodoxy - explains Aubry - to include conditionality for the use of the Mes for all expenses other than health is a clear misunderstanding of the extent of the current crisis. It will strangle further the countries that will suffer further austerity measures in the future. This is a great victory for selfish governments and a disappointment for European solidarity, at the moment more necessary than ever. " According to Aubry "the only way to neutralize the impact of the crisis is to share the common burden, starting with some Eurobonds to lower the interest rate and use the monetary instrument to avoid another sovereign debt crisis".