A private jet in 2014 (Illustration) - MIKE CLARKE / AFP

No free pass during containment. Ten vacationers from London in a private jet were driven back to Marseille-Provence airport on Saturday afternoon.

These seven men aged 40 to 50 and these three women in their twenties then wanted to join Cannes aboard three helicopters to have a good time.

Intercepted by border police and the air transport gendarmerie, individuals of different nationalities (Croatian, German, French, Romanian and Ukrainian) were asked to turn around. "They tried to play their relationships, they made a few calls ...", reports a police source to BFMTV who reveals the story.

No fine for travelers ...

The three helicopters pilots of the Var company supposed to ensure the connection to the city of the festivals were fined. The ten travelers were not sanctioned because they did not legally enter French territory.

Our file on the Covid-19

Nine of them returned to London via their private jet. The tenth tried to return to Germany in a private plane.


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