“The actions of Prague cannot be regarded otherwise than as immoral, blasphemous and absolutely politicized. The monument to Konev was erected in gratitude for the fact that he and his fellow soldiers rescued the capital of then Czechoslovakia during the Prague uprising from complete destruction by the Nazis. The wonderful city of Prague, the way we know it, the way we love it, the people who made the decision to demolish the monument, this city exists solely because there were human casualties and there was a feat of soldiers and officers of the Red Army, led by Marshal Konev, ”said the senator.

He added that the demolition of the monument deserves "political condemnation."

“Everything that happened later in the history of Czechoslovakia, in relations between our countries, can be discussed, but that was later. This has nothing to do with the feat of Soviet soldiers, the feat of Marshal Konev, who is immortalized in this monument. Therefore, it is ugly and disgusting, it deserves political condemnation, ”Kosachev is sure.

Earlier, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case in connection with the dismantling of the monument to Soviet Marshal Konev in Prague.