China News Agency, Taipei, April 7th Taiwan Police announced on the 7th that it had cracked a criminal group that defrauded mainland Chinese and arrested 10 suspects.

Comprehensive Central News Agency, United News Network and other Taiwan media reported that Taiwan's "criminal police station" held a press conference to introduce that at the end of last year, it received a line report that a telecommunications fraud room was hiding in Taoyuan City. The police set up an ad hoc group and reported to the Taichung District Procuratorate to direct the investigation office.

After investigation, it was found that 10 people, including a man named Guo, set up a telecommunications fraud room, impersonated mainland public security personnel and procuratorate staff, etc., and distributed voice to mobile phones, etc., falsely claimed that the identity of the victim was stolen and suspected of money laundering. Account.

After follow-up surveillance, the police confirmed that the fraud group was based on a rented house in Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City. When the time was ripe, it arrested 10 suspects including Guo Nan on March 30.

A preliminary investigation revealed that since June last year, about 30 mainland citizens have been defrauded, and the amount of financial losses amounted to NT $ 10 million. (Finish)