Preparing guidelines when prefectural governments request leave of absence Nishimura Economic Revitalization Minister, April 10, 20:34

As the outbreak of the new coronavirus spreads, the Minister for Economic Revitalization Nishimura has announced that it will create guidelines that outline how prefectural governments should apply for leave.

At a press conference on the evening of October 10, the Minister for Economic Revitalization Nishimura stated that he was interested in businesses and facilities subject to requests for leave by prefectures, and announced that he would create guidelines that show the government's thinking.

After that, he expressed his desire to share his ideas by holding video conferences with the governors of seven prefectures in the target area of ​​the "Emergency Declaration" on the 11th.

In response to Tokyo's request for cooperation in suspension of business, Minister Nishimura commented, "At first, the proposal was rather broad, but it must be kept to the minimum necessary. It has become. "

One of the issues was whether to include Internet cafes as a target, and said, "If a person who is sleeping is infected and moves to a rural area, the infection will spread, so take proper measures. I understand that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government was taking responsibilities responsibly. "

On the other hand, as for compensation for businesses that take leave based on requests, “The government does not consider compensating for loss in individual businesses (hotei) or compensating for leave, but has provided a 1 trillion yen grant for emergency economic measures. We want to be able to support small and medium-sized businesses depending on the local circumstances. "