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Designer. She started as a dancer at the Liceu, made the leap into fashion with Antonio Miró and has been going at her own pace for a long time. Confinement has brought her to a state of lucidity that she will miss, she confesses.

How do you handle confinement? I feel very bad for all the people who are suffering. In my case, these moments are being an opportunity to do new things. I'm at home with my 12-year-old son Igor, and I can finally cook for him. When I put the plate on the table I think: wow, what a pleasure! I am taking care of the house more, I am also enjoying cleaning. I notice that important things are emerging, and I am not only talking about the world of emotions, but also about the workplace. In what sense? Sometimes the hubbub prevents you from focusing on what is important and focusing. He ate all the things he had in his mind to do every day, which was a kind of survival. Now I live more than I survive. As it is a situation that I cannot remedy, I take it in the best possible way. She looks relaxed. Another thing that I have realized these days is the peace that is transmitted abroad. You usually go outside and the noise of cars upsets you. We are not aware of how horrible it is. Now I think about going back to reality and I find it awful, I don't know how we could find a middle ground. Will things not be the same again? I don't know. This sounds to me like when you have a couple of drinks and the next day you feel terrible and you are convinced that you will not drink again ... but the next week you do it again.Many talk now about lowering revs, but actually You have always been at your own pace, haven't you? I have always been a very cautious person, although I also consider myself very passionate. I like the old, nature, wild beaches, I have always hated highways. I prefer small things, crafts, things made with respect. I try to make my work like this. I could not dedicate myself to making great productions and plugging them into chains, it goes against my way to feel. If everyone were a little more like this, we would all live more calmly. Did you find it difficult to find that point? I had to understand what made me happy and what made me anxious. I like creation, giving myself the luxury of wasting a few hours on what I believe in. But the rush feeling is always there. We have become accustomed to thinking that haste is productive, that if you run you produce. Not the same, right? Plus there's something terribly insane about it. The solution is to stop? I can consider myself a super happy person running from one side to the other but, what happens when I stop and I realize that I am more efficient? I don't know if I can, when everything returns to normal, stay in this wonderful and lucid state of now. I hope to do this with a lot of meditation. Now that you don't have to dress, do you ever stay in your pajamas? No, nothing. I dress every day. I am the typical pasota, zero conceited. What I do like is being different, when I was little I was like that. When I go on vacation I wear and pareo and they don't take me out of there. But now, curiously, instead of letting myself go, I do a strange thing: when I have finished everything in the house, I get dressed, I put on lipstick and put on some earrings. And hey, I look great. It gives me a serious feeling. I even think I look better than when I was working all day. How is your daughter Miranda Makaroff doing? Very well because it is very deep and works a lot on itself. She is crazy, despite what people say. She does meditation, yoga, tries not to get her anger out ... These days she is painting a lot and improving as a person. She is still creative, but at home.

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