The suspicions have been confirmed. Fifty people sailing aboard the French aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle have tested positive for the new coronavirus, the French Ministry of the Armies announced on Friday 10 April. The authorities also specified that three sailors had been evacuated "as a preventive measure" by air to Toulon via Lisbon.

France had announced Wednesday the return to Toulon of this flagship of its army faster than expected because of the presence on board of about forty sailors with symptoms compatible with those of the coronavirus.

Confirmation of # Covid19 cases on board the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.
▶ ️ The tests carried out confirm fifty positive cases.
▶ ️ 3 sailors evacuated, as a preventive measure, by plane, and transferred to a hospital in #France.

- Ministry of the Armed Forces (@Armees_Gouv) April 10, 2020

"Following the announcement of a suspected Covid-19 case among the crew of the aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle, a medical team from the army health service has been sent on board," said Friday the ministry in a press release. "The results of the 66 tests carried out concluded that there were 50 cases of Covid-19 on board."

"No aggravation"

"No deterioration in the state of health of seafarers on board is observed at the moment" but three seafarers were evacuated "as a precaution" Thursday morning towards the airport of Lisbon, in Portugal, before being transferred to the Army Training Hospital (HIA) Sainte-Anne, in Toulon, adds the ministry.

There are currently 1,760 people on board the Charles-de-Gaulle, 1,200 sailors and 560 members of the general staff and the airborne group (including 20 Rafale).

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