China appeals support to countries around the world with new corona measures April 10 21:54

The Chinese government, which has said that it has basically suppressed the transmission of the new coronavirus in Japan, announced on the 10th the state of support for medical supplies etc. to the world so far and will continue to focus on support in the future I appealed the attitude to go.

At a press conference yesterday, Chinese Foreign Affairs Secretary Zhao Rian Ken put together a summary of the state of medical supplies and a team of experts China is providing to countries around the world to combat the new coronavirus.

According to the report, China has provided medical supplies such as medical masks, protective clothing, and test kits to 127 countries so far. The total amount of aid was not disclosed.

He has dispatched teams of health professionals to 11 countries, including Italy, Serbia, Iran and Myanmar, and has held online meetings with more than 150 countries and international organizations.

On a trade basis, since last month, the company has exported more than RMB 10.2 billion, or more than 150 billion yen in Japanese yen, including 3.86 billion masks, 37.52 million protective clothing, and 16,000 respirators.

At a conference, spokeswoman Zhao said, "China will continue to work with each other and work together to protect the safety of public health around the world."

The Chinese government has stated that it would like to avoid increasing criticism of China's spread of infection and increase its political influence around the world by proactively supporting each country's countermeasures. Can be seen.