The peak of coronavirus disease in Moscow has not yet arrived, the capital is facing serious trials that need to be prepared. This was stated by mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

“I tell you for sure that no peak has yet arrived, we are rather at the foot of this peak, not even in the middle,” he said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Sobyanin also recalled the need to prepare the medical system as much as possible and ensure compliance with the self-isolation regime and the minimum movement in the city, as much as possible, in order to balance the economy and sanitary measures.

“What about the forecasts?” Well, you can predict. The only thing I will say is that we are facing a serious test and we need to prepare for this, ”Sobyanin added.

Over the last day in the country, 1786 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in 57 regions, the number of cases in Moscow increased by 1124 people.

According to official data as of April 10, in Russia since the beginning of the epidemic, 11917 cases of the disease were detected, of which 7822 were in Moscow. 94 people with confirmed coronavirus died, 795 people recovered.

Moscow authorities continue to implement a set of measures to stop the spread of the disease. In particular, Sobyanin said that from Friday, April 10, quarantine violators who drive around the city in their cars will begin to write fines. He explained that we are talking about those who are under official quarantine, that is, those with confirmed coronavirus who are undergoing home treatment, as well as those who have returned from trips abroad.

“Any their exit from the entrance is recorded. Previously, we did not take harsh measures, nevertheless they brought to their attention that they needed to stay at home, and in extreme cases they only fined. Today, after the adopted federal laws and the regional law on amendments to the Administrative Code, we can generally impose these fines automatically, just without leaving the office, ”he said.

In addition, authorities temporarily suspended visits to city cemeteries. As they said in the metropolitan department of trade and services, the decision was made because of the impossibility of maintaining social distance on the way to the cemetery and at the graves themselves.

“Visiting cemeteries on Easter days, given the peak load on vehicles, crowding on routes, creates a favorable environment for mass infection with coronavirus and endangers the lives of tens and hundreds of thousands of Muscovites and their loved ones,” the department added.

Almost all measures taken in Moscow to combat coronavirus are agreed upon and supported by President Vladimir Putin, Sobyanin said.

Recall, on April 7, the head of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency Veronika Skvortsova said that the situation with the incidence of COVID-19 in Russia will reach a plateau within two weeks, and will remain at this level until mid-June, after which, subject to the Russians observing self-isolation measures , the epidemic will decline.

In turn, the head of the Ministry of Health Mikhail Murashko said that doctors can diagnose coronavirus infection in patients before laboratory confirmation. He explained that the disease already has a characteristic clinical picture. The minister added that doctors are observing a worsening condition in those who did not start treatment on time and did not adhere to treatment recommendations.

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Meanwhile, the total number of COVID-19 infections worldwide exceeded 1.6 million. This is stated in statistics from Johns Hopkins University. In total, more than 95 thousand people died from coronavirus infection in the world.

The largest number of infected was recorded in the United States - more than 466 thousand people. American leader Donald Trump said the country is at the peak of the spread of coronavirus.

“We are at the top of the curve, I'm sure of it. In some cases, there is a decline, we have already begun this process, ”he told reporters.

The first case of coronavirus infection was reported in Yemen, where previously no cases were reported.

In Italy, which ranks first in the number of deaths from the epidemic, the death toll per day increased by 610 people and reached 18,279.

Meanwhile, on April 8, the Chinese authorities, where the epidemic was on the decline, allowed Hubei Province to leave Wuhan and resumed domestic flights to the province.