The Beijing Institute of Technology has commissioned a car that takes the temperature of passersby. - NEW CHINA / SIPA

Officials from the Beijing Institute of Technology (China) have decided to use an autonomous vehicle to combat the spread of the Covid-19. The small car equipped with 5G technology has a remote and non-contact temperature measurement system to identify feverish people. The device thus scans any individual entering the site as well as passers-by, reports the Xinhua news agency .

The self-driving vehicle is not large enough to carry a human anyway. Parcels and goods can however be left there. The car manufactured by the local company Cool High Technology is also used to deliver orders on campus, says Venture Beat . Each of the four storage compartments opens on demand and allows recipients to retrieve their package.

Facial recognition too

The articulated camera used to take the temperature of passers-by is also equipped with a facial recognition tool. The images are broadcast on a screen placed at the rear of the bodywork. Security guards who patrol the site of the institute can thus verify the data captured by the system. Videos and information are also sent to the computers of a remote monitoring center.

The peak of the coronavirus pandemic appears to have passed in China. The country now wants to return to a normal situation as quickly as possible and for this purpose favors the use of digital technologies to detect sick people.


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