China News Service, April 9th, in response to recent media reports on the quality of medical materials exported from China to some European countries, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng said on the 9th, from the current feedback information, these reports and actual The situation does not match.

Gao Feng said that we have taken note of relevant media reports. The Ministry of Commerce attaches great importance to this and has contacted the relevant governments and enterprises for verification as soon as possible.

Gao Feng said that from the current feedback information, these reports are not consistent with the actual situation. The so-called problems are mainly due to differences in production standards and product application environment between China and Europe. Some European users are not familiar enough with the use of products, and even make mistakes.

Gao Feng pointed out that the Chinese government has always attached great importance to the quality and safety of medical supplies. Recently, China has issued relevant regulations to strictly control the quality of medical supplies and regulate the export order. Export-related products must obtain the qualifications of the national drug regulatory authority and meet the quality standards of the importing country (region).

"Currently, the European epidemic is spreading, and the Chinese people feel the same. We are willing to work together with other countries to strengthen cooperation in the fight against the epidemic and provide support within our ability. China will not restrict the export of medical supplies and will further strengthen quality supervision. The epidemic is a common enemy of humanity. As long as all parties go all out to unite against the epidemic, they will surely win as soon as possible. "Gao Feng said.